Walking Tours

Walking Tours


Essential Toledo

This is the perfect tour if you only have a few hours to visit Toledo but you don’t want to get lost around the labyrinth of alleyways and miss some of the landmarks. In this tour I will give you an overview of the city and its history. We will see some of its must see monuments and plazas, the art crafts that still survive after centuries, the gastronomy and some of those little stories that make a place different from all the others.


Three Cultures

Toledo is known worldwide as an example of cultural tolerance between the three cultures. Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in the medieval Toledo and each one of them has left a trace behind.  We will go after the footprints of all these people although at times the myth of tolerance might seem to fade way. I want to show you the real stories of the real people. Would you join me?


The Cathedral

You will not get lost in any twisted allies in the Cathedral, but if you don’t make your visit with a tour guide for sure you will miss most of its treasures. If you don’t want to make tour of Essential Toledo but you still want to visit the Cathedral and enjoy it fully, this is the perfect tour for you. I will tell you how one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world was built, the stories behind masterpieces of medieval art and so much more.


El Greco in Toledo

Domenico Teotocopoulos, better known as “El Greco”, is one of the most important painters of all time. He lived and worked in Toledo during the last 40 years of his life. In this tour, we will follow the steps of El Greco and revive the vibrant city that he once knew. We will let his paintings captivate our imagination and we will look for the man behind the artist digging in the few things that we know about his life.


Toledo at night

Live the experience of being in a historical town at night. We will travel in time and discover what it was like to walk the streets under the moonlight, the dangers that awaited in every corner, the way that people protected themselves and the darkness that truly surrounded those that dared to wonder at night. We will look for the truth that lies under legends and stories that have been told for centuries.

Make your own tour! 

Toledo offers an endless offer of monuments and attractions. You would need weeks to see it all! I can help you to design your visit and tailor the tour to your own interests and needs. Feel free to ask!